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toomski — LiveJournal

nichkhun Buck horvejkul 22 years old.
Thai young man who is a member of Korea boysband "2PM".
He has very warm hearted and gentle manner.
He can speak 3 languages.Thai , Korean and English.
He can play guitar and piano.
I love him and his colleague very much.
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His mom is a strayed cat that came to my house 6 months ago.

I got to know that it was pregnant  after that.

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I am Toom from Thailand.I work with cosmetic company.
My favorite boysband are SMAP, KAT-TUN , NEWS , Hey Say Jump, Takki, Arashi, Tokio, V6
My wish is that one day I will go to Japan.
Thank you every one who visit my LJ.

Yorochiku Onegai shimas.
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